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Hi, I’m Dave.

As a designer and marketer, it pains me to see restaurants pour so much thought into their menu, staff, and dining experience but hardly any into their online presence – the first touchpoint for most new guests.

I have over 20 years of experience in web design, digital marketing and the restaurant industry. I understand the need for a seamless guest experience. In today’s market, that starts with your digital presence. 

To stay competitive in the restaurant industry, you need a way to reach more guests, get them to engage with your brand, and want to come in for the first time (and keep coming back). 

This is accomplished with a modern website that’s easy to navigate; a social media presence that keeps your restaurant top-of-mind; and a way to get more positive reviews. This is the exact system I’ve created to help your restaurant grow.

Reach out and see how I can help.