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Frequently Asked Questions

What's required to get started?

All that’s required is your current URL, images of your menu items, and your business logo.

I take care of the rest.

Tell me about Social Media Marketing

I come up with a tailored strategy just for your restaruarant. This includes regular posts, short form video content, social deals & sweepstakes.

I take care of creating all your social media posts and videos, posting on all your social accounts, managing comments and reviews.

Tell me about the menu images

You have two options: take the images yourself or hire a food photographer to take them for you.

I suggest hiring a photographer. It’s reasonably priced and you will receive amazing images that will highlight your menu and can be reused for other marketing & social media.

If you want to take the photos yourself, I will provide you with an inexpensive way to get high quality images for your visual menu.

Remember, you won't need images of EVERY menu item, just the most popular items you'd like to highlight.

What about hosting my new site?

The great thing about our sites - you get managed hosting included in our monthly fee. That includes hosting, management, maintenance, software updates, weekly backups, an SSL certificate for added security, and unlimited site updates.

How does the review app work?

I will create a custom review app for your restaurant that makes it easy for guests to leave positive reviews on review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, FaceBook and TripAdvisor.

Negative reviews are sent internally to management while positive reviews are posted for all to see - helping to manage your restaurant's reputation.

Do I have to rewrite my content?

No, I take care of rewritting your content. Once the initial design is complete, you will have a chance to request changes until your new site is exactly the way you want it.

Remember, you also receive unlimited site updates, so if you need a change later on, I can do that as well.